CAonline (Chiropractors Anonymous Online) is a listserv dedicated to exploring many of the less talked-about professional nooks and psychosocial crannies of the Chiropractic Enterprise. Although the discussion group's name suggests the sort of recovery process we see with other "anonymous" organizations, subscribers should feel free to talk about their experience as chiro-students and educators, to share their observations of chiropractic culture, and to offer any insights they might have into the chiropractic organism, generally.

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When you receive a response from the CAonline server, please confirm your subscription by simply hitting the "reply" and "send" button on your mailer.

I do not expect a lot of traffic on this group as there are already quite a few listservs addressing more obvious chiropractic concerns and concerns about "chiropractic." But, one never knows what might develop when people --even chiropractors-- are given an opportunity to talk freely and do more than act-out their chiropractism as if they had no choice in the chiropractic matter.