Re: Proprietary Diagnoses

To: chirolist

Subject: Re: [CHIROLIST] Proprietary Diagnoses

Date: January 31, 2002 

TEO: What makes Thompson the only "feasible technique" -- because chirodigms like Activator, B.E.S.T., Gonstead, NUCCA, and Logan, for example, don't diagnose and treat proprietary diagnoses like "Cervical Syndrome" or "Pelvic Negative?"
David Goldstein, DC: You utilized the phrase "proprietary diagnoses". I don't believe that any legal action will be taken on this one.
Apparently, you are unfamiliar with the Thompson chirodigm in which BOTH Cervical Syndrome and Pelvic Negative represent technique specific diagnoses. In other words, a patient will not (indeed CAN not) be diagnosed with either of these Thompson diagnoses in a Gonstead, B.E.S.T., NUCCA, or Activator office, for example. Each of THESE Technics have their OWN diagnostic and treatment protocols, don't they.T

David Goldstein, DC: Answers may be found in anything from aberrant "Biomechanics" to "Molecular Nutrition" or some sort of long term Xenobiotic affect (Or any combination). There are other hypotheses also being tested. What an exciting time.

Whatever. In a Thompson practice, you can be diagnosed with a Right, Left or Bilateral Cervical Syndrome depending on what happens with the Thompson-Derefield leg-check when the patient turns their head to one side (or the other) in the prone position. Why make patient care more complicated than it needs to be?

The Thompson Pelvic Negative is equally uncomplicated and to the point. This condition exists when a "short leg" REMAINS short in the flexed position of the Thompson-Derefield leg-check. A Pelvic Positive, incidentally, is diagnosed when a leg "LENGTHENS" in the flexed position of the Thompson-Derefield leg-check. Don't mix-me-up!

David Goldstein, DC: Thank god this profession has not disappeared. Don't you agree Doc?

Well, I admit that I get some of my best material from chiropractors and their incomparable panoply of diagnostically and therapeutically arbitrary pseudotherapeutic algorithms. So, I'd miss their Dog-and-Pony Show, for sure. But, sometimes I think the chiropractic joke has gone too far and that in a society with limited health care resources, the Chiropractic Argument is so without substance and bioscientific merit, that the question of elimination is reasonable and SHOULD, at least, be considered. Don't you agree, Doc?