Re: chiropractic demographics and advertising (12-28-09)

On Fri, Dec 25, 2009, Harriet Hall wrote:

It's interesting that the media have not picked up on the recent article by chiropractors in a chiropractic journal showing that there is no evidence that "subluxations" cause nerve interference or disease. IMHO that should have been big news.

That's because it's not EVEN news, never mind "big news," Harriet. I'm certainly not surprised that the media missed the chiropractic boat when they learned that according to Hill's criteria, the chiropractic cup holding the Vertebral Subluxation was empty. For one thing, the article represents the chiropractic status quo, which is to say, "same old, same old." In case you hadn't noticed, this "big news" was brought to you by the same people, too ... the chiropractic authors all former health fraud participants at one time or another.

Of the three chiropractic authors, Morgan and Mirtz abandoned The Good Ship Chiropractic -- retiring and "moving on," respectively. Wyatt remains as a chiropractic enabler who with chiropractic professor/doctor Stephen Perle, you might recall took turns dressing-up the Vertebral Subluxation (VS) and "Thuh" Adjustment as the "Manipulable Lesion" and "Chiropractic Manipulation" ... right here, center stage, in your presence. 

Remember "The Manipulable Lesion?" hehehe ... the "Lesion" that can be "Manipulated?" Talk about touching your own Chiropractic Nose! We certainly needed Hill's criteria to break THAT one down 

In fact, critics of "chiropractic" who fall short of its entire Spectacle ironically aid and abet The C-Cause by pointing directly at Chiropractic Ghosts and targeting Pure Subluxationism as the problem ... instead of recognizing these Rabid Subluxationists as merely identified patients in a much larger sick chiropractic family. Anything that would eliminate this tip of the chiropractic iceberg leaves everything ELSE "chiropractic" open for business ... most all of it not that much different from the identified flamboyant and fully naked chiropractic Antler Dancer. Take a look. That's why Perle floated the notion of chiropractic world Beyond Subluxation (BS) argument here on the healthfraud list.

More depressing still, it turns out that when it comes to Alternative Medicine, evidence was never the point for the consumer and advocate ... including chiropractors who have purchased "chiropractic" and, for one reason or another, who need to reaffirm their original purchase. Trying to pin an EB tail on a chiropractic donkey, for example, might be fun for us, but it has no bearing on the course of the Chiropractic Enterprise. In fact, we're a small (but important) ingredient that helps perpetuate and prolong the Chiropractic Argument ... not that we could or would argue differently, of course, or speak right up "prn."

OK, sure, there's no such thing as VS ... EXCEPT in the eye of the chiropractic beholder, that is. But, that is the only place it need ever BE to make a Chiropractic World go 'round. 

Again, it helps to have critics like you and me around to add a little spice to the Chiropractic Soup -- every so often discouraging a would-be c-patient or even making the whole c-idea more appealing to The Credulous and those lured a bit by forbidden medical fruit and medical fruitcakes. What you might not notice, though, is the same role played by critics of "chiropractic" who remain in the profession who, just by criticizing the most obvious and outrageous -- The Vertebral Subluxation and fully naked chiropractic antler dancer -- give a sort of default credibility to the REST of the chiropractic story -- which, if you take a look, isn't all THAT different from anything done in the name of The Chiropractic since its inception in 1895.

But, who's counting

No, this isn't "big news," I'm afraid. Even if it was, you'll notice that chiropractors are stunningly bad at noticing the implications of a single thing they think, say, and do professionally. That's what makes it possible for them to talk out of even more than two corners of their chiropractic mouthes without even realizing what they're saying. 

When it comes to the entire Chiropractic Organism, the whole Chiropractic Argument is more compensatory than a cardiovascular system. If you squeeze it here, it pops out there. Squeeze it "there," and it bulges in another part of the Chiropractic Body. Squeeze it in the "no such thing as a Subluxation" and you won't even notice a dent. It's absorbed without so much as blip on the chiropractic monitor barely registering on the ChiRichter Scale. It's a little like bombing the moon except that there's no new information resulting from the explosion.

Oh, Doctor Quackenbush ... your patient is here